AeroShell LGF 209 liter/fat

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AeroShell LGF 209 liter/fat
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AeroShell LGF 209 liter/fat
Houghton-Drive HM Hydraulic & Lubricating Oils incorporate lead-free and chlorine-free additives in high quality solvent refined base oils. Designed for the arduous requirements of higt performance hydraulic systems, they are also suitable for machine tool lubrication, allowing product rationalisation. Careful selection of base oils and additive packages ensures that Houghto-Drive HM products also meet or exceed the requirements of the following main tests for this fluid category: Copper corrosion resistance (ASTM D130). Rust Test (ASTM D665A). Demulsibility (ASTM D1401-96). Foam Test (ASTM D892 I, II, III). Specifications, Approvals & Recommendations: AeroShell Landing Gear Fluid (LGF) is not covered by any military specifications. McDonnell Douglas Approved DPM-6177. Boeing Approved BMS 3-32A (AeroShell LGF is approved to Type II). AeroShell LGF is apporoved for use in the shock struts of the following aircraft: Boeing 707/720, 727, 737, 747 (expect those using BMS 3-11 fluids), 757,


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Varunamn AeroShell LGF 209 liter/fat
Antal 209 S
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