Mysella S5 N40 1000L/IBC

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Mysella S5 N40 1000L/IBC
60 800 kr
48 640 kr
60 800 kr (inkl. moms)
Antal 1000 S
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Mysella S5 N40 1000L/IBC
Shell Mysella XL is specially developed to provide extended drain intervals in gas engines with high component temperatures and high thermal stress on the oil. Gas engine technology developments, aimed at higher outputs and reduced emissions, are increasing the stress on the lubricating oil. Shell Mysella XL is a new generation oil thathas been specially formulated to address the new lubrication challenges of modern gas engines. Shell Mysella XL is recommended for all highly rated, 4 stroke gas engines employed in power generation, co-generation, gas collection and transmission applications.


Produktinformation Beskrivning
Varunamn Mysella S5 N40 1000L/IBC
Antal 1000 S
Teknisk specifikation Beskrivning
ShopsInShop Shell2017
Material Motorolja
Mått 1200x1000x1250 mm
Volym 0.001
Vikt 0.94